The Riverside Performance Studio

The Performance Studio


Available by Appointment

(Year Round)



Club Fittings

$100 (per category)

Lessons with PGA Golf Professionals:

$100 - $300 (per hour)

Practice with the pros!

The Riverside Performance Studio has established one of the best instruction facilities in the country.

Developed specifically to meet the needs of each player by using multiple technologies that are integrated into each studio. Each studio will provide high-speed video and analysis systems that provides both the student and the teacher high quality video & data to produce a detailed analysis to give to each student. A multitude of analysis tools and video views will help reinforce the critical swing changes that need to be made.

The data collected will help each player reinforce the swing changes that they are making and ensure each player is moving toward a repeatable motion.

We offer a variety of Multi-Day Performance Schools, as well as custom packages.

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